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TATA launches its new car Tigor

Tata is working really hard to become a youth-centric brand as opposed to its earlier image. All the cars that they have launched in past 2.5 years are all targeted to millennial. They started targeting this segment with their complete makeover of Tata Nano GenX.  Post which they released Zica which unfortunately was competing with Zika virus and thus they had to change its name to Tiago.


In the beginning of this year they launched Hexa which is a 7-seater car. This car really mesmerized me with the performance, look and rough-road driving experience. The price starts at 11.99 lakhs which is worth for this fully feature enabled rough road compatible vehicle.

This month they added another model to their kitty with the release of Tigor. Which is an extended version of Tiago. They claim that the car is world class in its respective market and the features they are providing in this is unmatched in its class. I have captured some exclusive videos and pictures from the launch event to deliver what brand representatives have to say about it.

But before I take you there, let me give you some more insights about this compact sedan.

This car falls in the segment of sub-compact sedan which means slightly bigger than the normal hatchback. Other cars in this league are Hyundai i-20, Swift Dzire, Honda Amaze etc.

The brand message for this car is “Style back” and hence the entire event was inspired with styling and TATA had organized a lot of interesting activities around it to make the experience long lasting and memorable.

On top of that, they invited many fashion and lifestyle bloggers to be a part of the event to give this product a touch of lifestyle as opposed to getting into technical details which you can anyways find on their official site Check out more about TATA Tigor on its official site Also, there are so many publications which would anyways review this car and provide with that kind of details.

But that info is not enough to make a purchase decision today.

Hence, what you need to know is if this car really match your personality!?

Well, the car does look beautiful considering the price that they keep for this would be below 6 lakhs. Also, Tata is claiming that they have given too much room inside the car for its size and enough boot space with world class body finish. Some highlights in the pictures:

The car has 24 intelligently designed utility spaces to carry and organize all the items that we need time to time.

One more interesting thing to know here is Tata claims that this car’s back seat doors are the biggest to provide enough room to hope in and out of the car.

This car is looking forward to drive more sales from women as opposed to men. Since, most of the features in this car is provided keeping female gender in mind.

Listen to what one of the driving force behind Tata has to say about the car:

Here are some of the features about the audio system of the car.

Basically, the idea behind this half image was to show you exactly where the speakers are placed in the car. It has in total 8 speakers divided into 4 main speakers and 4 tweeters for a surround sound feel. The infotainment is a touch screen display with parking assistance and voice command recognition. Video and image playback is also supported.

Another interesting feature about the car is that it has an app functionality to control and operate some of the features.

Well, in all everything would be decided by the price in which this car will be offered and is made available to the customers. If you’d ask me, they should not keep the price above 6 lakhs for this car as that is what the worth it carries according to me. We will know with its official launch which is happening by the end of March 2017 when the price will also be revealed.

But yes, as per their target market this car would be a good pick for women.

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