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Shahid Alvi Sid – The man behind nagar palika video

Have you spotted a man in a black shirt abusing Nagar palika in his videos. Asking nagar palika to send a gaddha! Later blaming Rajnigandha in his mouth for the mistake in his dialogue. If you haven’t, let us start with this 20 sec video as Ganesh vandana to proceed with this post.

On this Diwali, I wish everyone that they prosper in their future endeavors and also their nagar palika to fill all the gaddhas in their neighboring areas!

“Is desh me ho rahe bhrashtachar ko mitane ke liye hum apko aage ana pdega. Humare aapke aage ane ke bad hi……..

////ye maa ka bhonsrda madar chod(are bhaii bhai bhai bhai…kya hua)

are madarchod pehle nagar palika ko bulao, bhonsardi wali gaddha bheje..

arey desh baad me surakshit hoga pehle gaddha surakshit karao inki maa ka chode madar chodan ki…”

(I have shared the link of the video from his official account. Support him by using this video link as opposed to other pirated ones :|)

These epic lines broke the internet once again and this guy in the video became a national sensation in a matter of few days. Goes by the name Shahid Alvi sid and is a reporter at ‘Chutia news’!

The name of his production team is Super3 duper.  This is his Facebook account. Hailing from Kanpur he has done few videos out of which bhrashtachar has got the maximum popularity. His YouTube channel is also with the same name but I guess he has removed all the videos from there. Currently has over 225,000 subscribers and is sure to increase those numbers manifold.

Bhrashtachar video ki apar safalta ke bad, pesh kar rahe hai Sonu ka interview

Best dialogue I found from this video:

  1. Udhar se nikalja morey bhai
  2. Chutia hi news ek aisa channel hai jisne as Sonu ko dhund ke nikala hai
  3. Arey loda chal la hai yaha pe yar
  4. Ye ghaas jab tak gand me ghusti nahi hai…tab tak hamari nikalti nahi h

(Waiting for them to see in memes soon)

He has done few more videos but he can definitely do much better than that. Check out his videos Kamlesh ke bhai Vimlesh, Diwali dhamaka

I am definitely looking for more sensational stuff from Chutia news! But while we wait for Shahid bhai’s new video, find more of such interesting stuff by knowing who is Deepak kalal.

There is one more YouTuber I recently discovered because of his viral break up video with his girlfriend. Check him out here – Rai panesar who created phucken betch.

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