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11 Dank Memes That Will Blast Your Mind Beyond Just Its Meaning

Are you a meme lover?

Do you find humorous peace and sheer motivation in those memes that describes an unforgiving situation in the most kick-ass way?

If yes, welcome to the dank memes cult. (If you have come here to only peep at some of the dankest memes, scroll down to the bottom, otherwise keep reading).

Dank memes meaning

Dank memes aren’t your typical clichéd memes that keeps repeating itself over and over again until people get fed up of it. These memes are unique, fresh and constant with the super cool humor that’s added in them. Though it always has a backstory linked to it, so you need to be social if you want to be in the dank cult.

However, if you aren’t aware of your surroundings (by this I mean, if you don’t keep updating yourself with the current news, books, actors, movies, series etc. etc.) you won’t even get a hold of dank memes. It will bypass your brains humour detection area and you’ll keep wondering why your friend is laughing his ass off. Yeah, that pretty much happens a lot.

But, that’s the beauty of dank memes. To understand them, you need to be self-aware and smart. Only then, you will be in the league of people who truly extract the humour out of them.

Where can you get the best dank memes?

Whatever the case maybe, I love those memes which have everything over the top. Especially the ones including the fonts and those cheap-ass audio effects. It just adds the crude humour to them memes and makes it stand out of the vast pool of memes available on google.

There are websites like Memecenter, cheezeburger etc. where you can find a lot of dank memes. But I am not sure if the content they are posting is original or not. I find a lot of it is picked from reddit. These websites create an ensemble of other people’s content. Unlike what I do here at Wotpost. I try to publish as much original content that you will only find on my website. Especially Indian memes.

Let me give you a meme that I picked from memecenter.

Take this meme for example. You very well understand that nothing of this sort was going on in the painting. Though, the meme brings out the humour and it seems everyone has shifted the attention to the speaker in the middle who is basically uttering bullshit. LOL.

Check out the meme I picked from cheezeburger.

edgar poe meme

Take this meme for example, if you have ever heard of the very famous American writer Edgar Allen Poe, you’ll understand the dankness of this meme.

For those of you who didn’t get it, it’s about the mysterious death of this writer. Many believe that the he could have very well transformed into a raven and is alive now. This raven trying to smoke a cigarette just portrays a human getting in touch with a ravens to find some info on Poe being alive in a raven’s body.

Reddit is a very famous community that has some really talented folks bringing out the cleverest content and leading the meme business. Most of the memes are picked from here. Even websites like know your meme pick memes from here.One of the famous sub-community there to find dank memes is r/dankmemes

This is a sub-Reddit page that puts up some dope memes. From everyday things to political memes, you will find any thing that you can relate to. Also, if you are a fan of dark humour, you are going to love this page especially situations that you face on a day to day basis.

Like, have you ever farted in public? Or tried to stop a fart? Here is a meme from the page that you will relate to effortlessly.

fart dank meme

Relate much?

9gag is another such website which is the oldest I believe in humour industry and has been sharing a lot of funny videos. Now, they share a lot of funny memes too.

Check out some of the dank memes that will give you a break from your fucked up routine:


dank memes


dank memes

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dank memes


dank memes


dank memes


dank memes


dank memes


dank memes

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In Conclusion:

These websites come up with pure humour which anyone can easily relate to. Though it all comes down to the understanding, because the danker you are from within, the easier it will be for you extract fun out of the meme.

There are even sections specified on the websites for a particular topic. So, you can very well avoid feminism and real dark memes if you wish. But I feel, if you visit any of those websites, you’ll come back with tons of laughter and maybe some guilty vibes because you know that dank memes are the good kind of bad.

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