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rencontre hommes et femmes avec weemove Are you a boxing fan? Even if you’re not, you’d still get to learn a lot of meaningful things about life from Southpaw. We all are aware of how unpredictable it is, we try to do our best in any circumstances. Because that is what keeps us alive and gives the drive to push ourselves to the newer limits.

rencontre homme malgache france We all have faced failures at some point of time in our life. Some failures hit us where it hurts the most. There are two things that happens from there, either you kill your drive thinking that this is what your fate is or try to change things around by showing the real power that you are!

opzione binaria cosa sono Southpaw is about being the king, then losing it all and falling flat on the face, then getting back up and rising to the same spot again where you belong.

click Southpaw is one hell of a movie and probably one of the best work of Jake Gyllenhaal. Whenever I feel down or a little derailed, I watch this movie. It will give you perspective and bring back your focus in life. I have already lost the count of number of times I have watched this movie.

50 primeras citas online vk In this post, I bring some of the key lessons via dialogues from the movie which will teach you hard truth about life and how to deal with it.

rencontre jeune public huy 2013 southpaw movie dialogue

follow site Tick Willis to Billy Hope, “Even if she hate you, you gotta let her hate you, so she can feel better about it, she can get better.”

site de rencontre ukraine gratuit This is a very important life lesson. To give space to somebody. When you have a fight with your loved one, it is important to give space to each other for sometime in order to restore yourselves back to normal stage. Southpaw tick willis dialogue

follow link This is in continuation from Tick Willis to Billy Hope, “This ain’t about how you feel. You gotta let her go through her thing and not think that thing is your thing, then you deal with life, like that stuff.”

This basically targets human nature of being selfish, we want someone to be with us because they make us feel good and when they are not around, we start blaming our own self for that. Rather,we should not do that and let them go through their own emotions and feelings.

southpaw dialogues

Billy Hope to Maureen, “This is the talk you have when you lose, not when you win.”

You loved ones care for you a lot. Sometimes that care becomes hindrance in the path they chose for themselves.

Tick willis boxing dialogue

This scene from Southpaw really moved me when Billy Hope as soon as he enters the gym, sees Tick Willis continuously punching the bag out of anger and frustration. He then asks Tick Willis, “Who’s winning?” (This question implied that you won’t be able to beat your grief by messing with the punching bag)

Southpaw dialogues life lesson

Tick Willis out of grief,”Those kids coming up in here, I’m telling them a bunch of stuff that’s bullshit.
Its bullshit. “It’s gonna be alright.” “You can control your destiny” “You could control this, you could control that” You can’t control shit.”

As late Chester Bennington sang, “In the end, it doesn’t even matter.” Death is the ultimate destination.

Tick willis teaching to Billy hope in southpaw dialogue

Tick Willis to Billy Hope while giving him review about his boxing, “Right now you got two weapons. A shotgun and a grenade, all power no precision.” This focuses a lot on how much important precision is. A shotgun is a powerful gun. So powerful that when firing at someone from a really closed range, it pushes the person it hits. But the shell has least accuracy. You’d still be able to nail your opponent if you have precision in your technique. Bull’s eye!

Bill hope boxing in southpaw dialogue

Commentators while praising Billy Hope, “Well, Hope’s fans’d say, it wouldn’t be Billy if he weren’t bleeding.”

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Billy Hope to Tick Willis, “I can handle the rules, man, I’ll handle the rules.”

Usually, people have a lot of problem following the rules. Tick Willis wanted to make it clear that are you the man of discipline. Because if you are not, thent his place is absolutely not for you.

shouthpaw quotes

Tick Willis to Billy Hope, ” Don’t let him take this from you. Don’t let him gen into your head.” People often get into self-doubt and become unsure of their capabilities. That is when your opponent takes advantage and win over you. You need to believe in yourself and know that you can do it.

southpaw quotes

Jordan Mains to Billy Hope, ”Every time i seen you fight , you climb in there alone Every time you bled , you bled your blood When you sat down on that stool and it felt like death and you thought you couldn’t get back up , but you got up ? You did that..” Jordan Mains reminding Billy Hope how we was alone all the time. So, he shouldn’t be worried about people coming and going from his life. He need to focus on himself.

southpaw quotes

Miguel Escobar while talking to media people, “Swagger? No, I got Pizzazz. That’s a level above swagger. That’s that new shit.” While trying to steal some action during the fund raiser ceremony for which the attention point was Billy hope.

Southpaw movie is full of aggression, hope, uncertainties of life among many other things. Plus Eminem‘s background music is cherry on top. Watch out if you haven’t already and do share some of your favorite dialogues from the movie in the comments!

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