Most funny tweets from a recent trend Ek tha Kejriwal

Whoever started this hashtag, is witty to the core. This tweet while I am writing this post has already crossed more than 9000 tweets and still counting. It is currently a national trend and everybody is tweeting and trolling using this hashtag.

While I was going through some of the popular tweets, I have shortlisted some of the most hilarious I could find.

This fellow is missing “Khujliwal” as the media is not showing any news from him.

 Bird of paradise had made a short poem to acknowledge that his presence has given Indians a reason to laugh and enjoy those little moments of life.

Amit sharma contributes with his couplet about the matter.

Translation: Getting bored have nothing to do, we should plan something..
Let us troll kejri by worshiping name of Modi.. 

Mayank sethi presents you a comic strip all the way from hell.

Aditi rai is already fed up. 😐

Uhh, do I need to say anything!!??

Translation: No camera please! I am not ready as yet as I am wearing good clothes and proper shoes.

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