Logitech bluetooth audio adapter review

logitech bluetooth audio adapter

binäre optionen oliver pott Story of how I landed on this audio adapter by Logitech.

bekanntschaften kiel It was my birthday and my bae planned to give me a music system. She being very well aware of the importance music holds in my life, has given me headphones, portable speakers and what not. This time she planned to surprise me with something bigger, like home theater. Wow!!

sony 4.1 bluetooth audio

http://unikeld.nu/?ioweo=eclipse-trader&f67=08 Since, it is the time where we are trying to relieve ourselves from all the tangles of wires and thus switching to bluetooth devices, I advised her to buy Sony SA-D100 which comes with integrated bluetooth and Sony is like any day choice for me when it comes to music. So, we reached the dealer to understand the prices and for a demo of the product. Now, this is a 4.1 music system which means there are 4 speakers and 1 sub-woofer system. Now, after we checked the product, the dealer asked me the purpose I am going to use this product for. I told him I am looking for a surround sound system in which I can enjoy everyday music and movies etc. Since, the main priority this time is bluetooth hence this is the perfect choice for me.

sony 5.1 home theatre

reims rencontres amicales As I finished putting my requirements, the dealer introduced me to one of Sony’s flagship product which is a basic home theater system DAV-TZ145. This is a 5.1 music system which will give exactly what you want but it doesn’t have bluetooth, dealer said. I took the demo of the product and I was pretty much impressed with the sound clarity. I stood there with a confused head, with one big question in mind,What To Do Now!!?? Thus, I repeated again that I am primarily looking for bluetooth enabled device. To which he said not to worry sir, if you like the product we have a solution for what you are looking for. Now, since you are anyways planning to spend that much amount, why not prefer a better music system with just a small added extra cost. He said, we will install the speakers also in your room for free to give you that perfect surround sound feel.

http://lovenet.org/?prevert=conocer-mujeres-x-facebook&560=53 He convinced me there and introduced me to bluetooth audio adapter. I bought the music system got that installed at my place and started my research about this bluetooth adapters.

logitech bluetooth audio adapter

http://faithsmedicalservices.com/maljavkos/1197 I noticed a good buzz about Logitech bluetooth adapter online and read some really nice reviews as well. I went ahead and bought it from Snapdeal as it was available there on the best price. On official website the product is priced at INR 2295/- and Snapdeal is giving it at 1099 bucks. I eagerly waited for the product to be delivered. I received the product within two days of placing and I am really happy with the kind of services I have been getting from the site from past couple of months.

logitech bluetooth audio adapter

The product really met my expectation, it is beautifully built and you will not feel the quality drop anywhere. The only difference will be on the level of sound. For example, you might have to bring the volume of the system to 27 if you were at 25 while using USB drive or any other integrated support system. The second best feature is you can connect two devices simultaneously with one adapter. It comes with an RCA cable, bluetooth and power adapter. Logitech’s bluetooth connects seamlessly. You just have to pair your device once, after that it will automatically detect the bluetooth and will connect again. It is a cute little device with 2×2 inch in size with blue indicator light.

The adapter is capable of connecting two devices simultaneously!

parts of logitech bluetooth audio adapter

The range is also quite impressive. I have used the device from cell phone and my laptop. Please do not try plugging the device to laptop and then expecting the songs from mobile to be played on laptop. It doesn’t work out like that as the device is built only to be used with speakers which either has 3.5mm jack or RCA sockets.

logitech bluetooth audio adapter

Logitech audio adapter is a very good product, I will definitely recommend you to go ahead and buy it and convert your ordinary speakers to bluetooth audio system.

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