Four Originals series by Netflix that will steal your heart


site de rencontre pour animaux belgique I tell you my story of subscribing to Netflix. First blow was the shutdown of Then low blow was shutdown of Kickass torrents. I decided to subscribe Netflix the very same day, feeling insecure about what would I watch now to get a sound sleep in the night. I abandoned watching TV 5 years ago! Since then, my laptop is my everything. After exploring and going through their huge lists of original content that they have created, I chose four which you would love to binge without paying attention to the clock. Enjoy the read!

                                                     House of Cards
Rotten Tomatoes
8.3/10 It is a political drama series starring Kevin spacey and Robin wright. After being passed over for the secretary of state, Frank Underwood (Kevin spacey) sets a major plan with the help of his wife, to get himself at the highest degree of power in United states.

dota 2 unranked matchmaking This series will catch your attention right from the first scene. And when the lead role is portrayed by none other than Kevin spacey, you will be glued to your screen till there are no other episodes left to watch. Play close attention to the dialogues and you will be impressed with the entire script as well as the deep meanings in the words.

This series is full of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation and power.

cialis 5 mg buy online opcje binarne niski depozyt The Get Down

Rotten Tomatoes

where to buy provera in uk It is a musical drama which talks about the birth of Hip-Hop. This story is set in South Bronx of New York city in late 70s and has references of the people from real life who are responsible for setting up the ground and built the roots of Hip-Hop.

where to buy nizoral shampoo in hong kong Amazing story line with direction. Not just in the series, there is a great message even in the title of each episode. Did justice to the genre of music as well as keeps you hooked with the depiction of untapped talent prevailing among the lower-middle class societies people.

follow site Bojack Horseman source url  

Rotten Tomatoes

This is an adult animated comedy-drama series. Revolves around a humanoid horse called Bojack Horseman who is famous star from a 90s sitcom ‘Horsin’ Around’. The show was the hottest thing around, which suddenly was canceled. After getting lost in drugs and booze, 18 year later, he decides to regain his dignity back.

This show might not impress you with the beginning of few episodes of the series. But later on, you will be so much attached to the characters that you will wish them to be in real life. I am such a big fan of this show that my desktop wallpaper and my ringtone both are from this show. And every now and then I just randomly play any episode of this to watch it over and over(because the next season is set to be aired in summer 2017). Also, this show has been called as ”one of the funniest and most heartbreaking show” by rotten tomatoes. This is a must watch if you like dark humor, drugs and alcohol abuse, hardcore truth. Also, you will never like to pronounce Hollywood as ‘Hollywood’ after watching this show. **Spoiler Alert**
(If you doesn’t feel heart broken in season 3 you should rethink about yourself being a human)

rencontre guitare bulle Gotham

Rotten Tomatoes

A Crime drama series based on the characters of DC comics appearing in the Batman franchise. The story revolves around James Gordon who is a new recruit in Gotham city. He is investigating the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne while solving many other major crime scenes parallely.

Which 90s kid doesn’t love batman and his stories? Ever wondered what was really happening in the city before Batman came to existence. How did all the villains became villains and majorly how did Joker lose his identity. Well, about the Joker we are only hoping they might show in the next season. Very-very interesting series connecting all the dots with other stories revolving around The Batman.

If you are still reading this post, you should quickly open another tab, subscribe to Netflix and binge all these four series. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed by my choice.

Apart from these four shows, there are many others which has created a lot of noise among Netflix fans like Jessica jones, The black mirror, Narcos, Stranger things, Orange is the new black, Gilmore girls to name a few. For me, the above mentioned four tops the list.

(Spending too much time on Netflix and not stretching muscles because you of some obvious excuses. Let me open your eyes by giving you These are the real reasons to stay fit, health is not one of them)

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