25 Indian Memes That Have Trended And Broke The Internet


Memes have been around for quite a long time now. Whether they are lame AF or lit AF, they will put a smile on your face.

Memes are the silly creations of idle minds trying to make people laugh, informed and relate to. Memes can be made out of anything, from old Bollywood movie’s cheesy dialogues to recent on camera fails.

What makes a meme contagious is the fact that almost everyone nowadays have a unlimited internet access, Thanks to Mr. Mukesh Ambani who himself got trolled a lot.

Here is the list of our Top Indian Memes that spread like wildfire.

#01 Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe

This meme in 2017, spread like fire in the jungle. It got circulated more than any other meme in India. So much that vendors started selling posters and T-shirts with these memes imprinted.

It wouldn’t have made such an impact if it wasn’t for Amrish Puri’s portrayal of a bad lustful guy in most of his movies. This made this meme stand out from the rest of the memes out there.

The meaning of this meme is “come to my mansion sometime” implying a rich man asking a girl to his place. This meme was used for almost anything, whether it was to “Tag a hot guy/girl in your friend list” Or a name reference.

aao kabhi haveli pe memes

#02 Soluchan Guy

This guy broke the internet not just for his memes but also for his rap mix videos. Although, the drug sniffing kid is an alarming issue for our country but his misery was portrayed in a hilarious manner by the creators of these memes. Everybody got to know about this issue so the message was conveyed. What made it funny was the fact his running sound was “dundundundundun”.

soluchan boy memes

#03 Omlet Aya

This meme was made just before the death of our cherished actor Mr. Om Puri. What made this meme funny was the fact that his name was trolled. For those who didn’t get it, let me break it down for you. The creator of this meme satirically suggests that whenever Om Puri was late for school, his friends would make fun of him saying “Omlet aya Omlet aya” rather then saying “Om Late Aya”.


#04 Can’t Speak Whatsapp Only

To all the politics lovers out there, you may want to skip this one. The man in the picture is our ex-prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. As the whole nation already know, he is a man of few words and this gave meme creators a chance of trolling him and this meme traveled across different social media platforms vigorously. People would tag there friends in posts, putting this photo as their profile photo etc.


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#05 Chaliye Iss Khel Ko Agey Bhadaya Jaye

Most of the guys can relate to this meme. We all know the happiness and excitement we feel when our crush likes or loves our profile picture and the rush to make a move.

Well, this meme refers to this in a similar manner. The picture and dialog used for this move is from a hit Indian game show “ Kaun Banega Crorepati” where the host Mr. Amitabh Bachchan regularly uses this line “Chaliye iss khel ko agge badhaya jaye” which means lets proceed with the game.

kbc memes

#06 Baaldivas Ki Shubh Kamnaye

It is a well known fact that Mr. Anil Kapoor is a hairy guy with a hairy chest which according to older generation was manly. The Indian meme creator as crazy as they are, wanted to wish everyone “Happy Children’s Day” innovatively and bam.. this idea was born. Glitches in Hindi were taken into account for this one. In Hindi, ‘Baal’ means ‘hair’ but it also means ‘child’. And that’s how we got a “Happy Hair Day”


#07 Stay On Your Side

This meme took advantage of the fact that the photographer was in the right place to click the right photo. We all know the tension rising between Indian and Chinese government and people didn’t even leave this issue out of the meme game. Here, it is quite hilariously depicted that our prime minister is telling the Chinese to stay inside their boundary where in reality he is just examining a statue. What adds more swag to this meme is the shades he is wearing giving the complete ‘thug life’ look.

modi memes

#08 Meri Taraf Mat Dekhiye

Another one from the famous show “Kaun Banega Crorepati. Here the government employees are trolled for their reaction when a person visits them during lunch time. Amitabh Bachchan is folding hands in this picture which brings humbleness in this meme.

kbc memes

#09 Month Before Exams

This one is a classic portrayal of a student’s feeling towards exam. In this meme, Shah Rukh Khan from Raees is assumed Exams and Hrithik from Koi Mil gaya as Student. Exams are so stressful and this meme took over the internet during the exam months.student memes

#10 Books and Dil

Another exam stress reliever was the meme having Shah Rukh Khan saying the dialog “Dil toh sabke pass hota hai pr Dilwale  nhi hote” and here Akshay Kumar intervenes by saying “Books bhi sabke pass hoti hai lekin sab padhne vale nhi hote”.

student memes

#11 Hotel Search

Here is the satirical presentation of the movie”Phir Hera Pheri” scene mixed with the annoying Trivago advertisement. Babu Rao picks up the phone and asks ”Who is it?” to which the Trivago guy asks “if he has ever searched for a hotel online” to which frustrated Babu Rao ask him to hang up.

trivago memes

#12 Aam Admi and Aam Aurat

The Leader of Aam Aadmi party Mr. Kejriwal who refers to himself as Aam Admi (common man) is shown in this picture along with Katrina Kaif who is the actress advertising the Mango Slice juice, referred to as Aam Aurat. It was left for the people to interpret.


#13 Olx Par Bech De

Rahul Gandhi member of the congress party is better known for his slip ups at crucial moments. And he is trolled at almost everything and every day. Known for his immaturity, Rahul Gandhi was trolled here as he is assumed to be saying that “This country doesn’t need Modi to deal with China and Pakistan, as Chotta Bheam a cartoon character was enough to defeat them both. To this his mother signs “isko toh olx par bhi bech nhi sakti”

rahul gandhi memes

#14 Sabki Nahi Hoti, Laxman

Another popular Bollywood meme was the manipulated dialog from the movie “Main Hoon Na” Here Ram asks Laxman if he found a girlfriend. Laxman innocently answers ki girlfriend to sabki hoti hai to which Ram answers back with a dull voice ki sabki nhi hoti.

srk memes

#15 Life gave me lemons

Our grandmothers are well known for their pickle making skills which is loved worldwide. Here that quality is humorously mixed together with the popular life saying and shared with the world. So when life give you lemons, You should make pickle.gormint aunty memes

#16 Reaction to Dad’s scolding

Comic scene taken from Akshay Kumar’s movie to show the reaction of most of us to our dad’s scolding. This meme could be related by most of us due to the superb captured moment of Akshay Kumar’s Expression.

akshay kumar memes

#17 You are Wasting Time

Another exam meme but this one makes you realize that you are not studying and wasting your scrolling through the internet. This is what most of us do during our exams and this meme gives us a reality check.

indian dad memes

#18 Indian Moms Be Like

A commonly used line/taunt used by almost every Indian mother while scolding her daughter for a irregular shaped roti. Earlier it was believed that a girl won’t get marry if she didn’t knew how to make round roti.

indian mom memes

#19 Annoying Customer Care

Classic depiction of the unfriendly and annoying questions the customer care asks rather then solving our problem. Scene from Sunil Shetty’s movie does the trick to make this meme viral.

indian memes

#20 Keep Calm

Memes from movie scenes are now in trend and are widely popular. Here it is combined with the Keep Calm trend  to say “Keep Calm, Mere Karan Arjun Aynge”

karan arjun memes

#21 IPL Fans after IPL

A serious scene from Chakk de India is used to make this meme humorous where Shahrukh Khan is reckoned saying “That after IPL he does not sees or hears any name of the IPL team. The only name he hears is of team INDIA”

srk memes

#22 Aisa Nahi Ho Sakta

Mostly Indian guys hate Lauki ki sabzi and this gave meme creators a good thing to work on. The result is out in the meme market. The classic Amitabh-Shashi meme from movie Deewar where Shashi Kapoor is seen telling his brother about the sabzi their mother make.


#23 Roadies and Engineering

Engineering is now considered a worst career track which only  daring and strong hearted people choose. And here a Cleared Engineering is saluted for his efforts displaying the respects he deserves.


#24 The Stare

We all have a teacher who stares and notices all our moves or activities. That judgmental stare was hated by every student. So almost everyone will relate and remember his/her teacher after seeing this meme.

srk memes

#25 Exam Hall Teacher

The ‘stare meme’ before this one is similar to this but here the student is in a pickle and stare from the teacher is justified. The student sitting idle pretends to recall his answer when in reality he is trying to avoid the stare or eye contact from the teacher.

student memes

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