How cricket is celebrated in India


 So it was a match between India and Australia. The winning team will proceed to semi-finals. India had showed a tremendous performance in past 2 matches against Bangladesh and Pakistan. Hence, every Indian was having high hopes from the team. But Australia is one of those close competing teams. Australia won the toss and chose to bat and made a massive score of 160 runs.
But the Indian team being in a really good form gave a splendid defeat to Australia by 6 wickets completing the target in 19.1 overs. Dhoni as usual played the winning shot.
This is a dual sided screen and on both the sides the  crowd was massive.
This time I was in a pub to catch some interesting action which is a property of star network called Smaaash. It is situated in Cyber hub, Gurgaon. But before we went to this place, we were celebrating the match on a very big screen which is there in cyber hub. So, if you have visited this place you must have seen Samsung ads usually running on this screen. But not on the day when there is a cricket match of India that too T20 world cup. The thunderous roar of fans who were watching the match was making the environment all the more lively. But then one of my friend insisted on visiting this place as the beers are available at a very reasonable rate at Smaaash.  Unfortunately, I could not capture any image of this place as I was too lost in the match.
Everybody started dancing in excitement when India played the final winning shot, India TV was also present at the pub to catch all the action. We danced there for about half an hour and then we rushed for India gate to catch some action. If you have read my previous blog post you might be knowing what I am talking about. I have captured some more interesting pictures this time.
 The whole road was jammed making it difficult to reach India gate. Fans were out on the streets with flags in their hands pleading everyone to enjoy the moment for a while. Then a series of cop cars came to ease the traffic and request the fans to ease the mob. They diverted the root which leads towards India gate. But, they are fans and you cannot stop them with methods like this and hence they somehow found another way towards India gate. We were also following them.
A woman wearing the jersey of Indian team
Crazy fans dancing on the streets and roofs of their cars!!
A proud moment
Somehow we managed to reach at India gate and the scene was epic over there. A policeman trying to control the mob was surrounded by all the fans. They were dancing around him and to my surprise he did not get angry or what it looked like from the distance! I guess pictures will be able to describe more what words cannot.
Find the Policeman wearing helmet.

opcje binarne depozyt So, when we were about to leave from their and thought of going home. There comes a car in which an old guy in his 70s came out of the window from a running car in excitement. What a scene!! 3-4 policemen came running for his safety as it was too dangerous for a guy of that age. The car was stopped and the guy was told to sit properly.

follow url From, teenagers to woman to kids to old people, I have captured everybody in the photos. And the beautiful part is I did not find these varied people on purpose. I only realized it while I was uploading the pictures that almost everybody enjoys cricket in India to the fullest. So, cricket to India is not just a sport it is a festival, it is a religion, it is something that unites the people of India. Like the previous time, I have added a small video of the action for you from India gate. Here, have a look.

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