Eminem shares exclusive studio footage of ‘My name is’


What Floyd Mayweather is to boxing, is Eminem to rap. He stands unbeatable in his rap game till date. Famous for lyrics full of aggression and motivation, he has been an inspiration for many. Check out most motivating songs by Eminem He got 20.9 million followers on Twitter and following zero. Just the way he is. Academy and multiple Grammy award winner has lately been in discussion for he has shared a studio footage how he came up with a hit single ‘My name is’

This is the Explicit version of the track with lyrics on screen.

The song was from his third studio album Marshall Mathers LP which was released in May 2000. The song got best rap solo performance award and also a Grammy award for the best album of the year. The album was mostly produced by Dr. Dre and was released by Aftermath entertainment.

Dr. Dre founded Aftermath entertainment after he quit Death row records because of his disagreements with Suge Knight over how things were going.

Eminem quickly rose to fame and became center of conversations because of his controversial lyrics.He even insulted his mom twice in the song  because of which he had to face a lawsuit from his mother Kim Mathers herself. The song also mocked Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski scandal.

Check out the meaning of this song.

Dr. Dre has sampled the music of this song from a hit song from 70s “I got the” by Labi Siffre.

In his latest 1 minute 12 seconds video, Dr. Dre talks about how Eminem and him came up with the track within a few minutes of the meeting. Dr. Dre speaks about how he remember Eminem coming to meet him in a bright yellow sweatsuit and how Dre is one of the biggest influence for ‘Em. Dre in return urges his interest to work with him and later on after doing some samplings and stuff at small studio which Dre had setup at his house, he invites Eminem to check that out.

It is just 2 or 3 seconds later after Eminem listens to the music, he starts rapping on it and Dre asks him to stop and he was like “This shit’s hot”. This is how in just few minutes they decide how the song will sound like.

Sharing the video footage below.


Video of the song with clean version

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