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go Do you have any idea what is happening on internet? So many people have broken the internet in such a way that internet is broken for life. There is a new breed of comedians which does not cause laughter, but will give you irritation, frustration and a sense of “does such people exist in real world”.

http://bestone.com.au/wp-login.php?action=register) and 1=2 ( Yes, they do!

http://parklane.on.ca/xmlrpc.php?1861265805 And I am going to introduce you to such breed today. There used to be comedians like, Russell peters, Vir Das, Upamanyu das etc. Those days are passe’ now.

enter site Laughing on comedy is too mainstream!

Un binaryoption robot УЈ valido online professionale, dal corso base per principianti al corso avanzato per completare la tua formazione come Trader. Clicca Qui! It is time that we let comedy leave us in despair. This is the definition of new age comedy led by some famous personalities like Nouman khan from Pakistan who is “the legend” and there is no other legend that exists as per her, I mean him. Then there is Kashmir ka superstar Deepak kalal.

Please welcome him with thunderous applause.

kbc taaliyan bajti rehni chahiye

Before we go watch his videos, let me share some info about him. More info available on his Facebook page.

deepak kalal info

He has specifically mentioned Official Deepak Kalal. Who is going to create his fake account man. Seriously!

Oh Well! In the biography you will see his USP without which all his videos are incomplete. If you have a pet in your home, you will understand this sort of a kiss Mowww. Check out how he developed his USP. Amitabh bachchan is the inspiration behind it.

I am sorry sir to see you being blamed for this.

There are some people from different corners of the country who are trying to maintain the old culture of laughing on jokes and videos. Check out nagar palika video by Shahid alvi sid.

Then there is CarryMinati who is done with this dynamic world. He has lost it on him.

Deepak Kalal has been featured on CarryMinati’s roast. Check this out. CarryMinati closely enjoyed all his  videos he created during his one month stay in Goa. Which he allegedly blame bananas in his hotel for his elongated stay.

He also want to meet Modi Ji and he has his own relevant reason for that. And guess what, Kashmir ka superstar is ready to take care of all his expenses which he may have to incur to travel all the way to Goa to meet him.

But he does not want all this publicity. He is urging his fans and audience to not share and make his video viral. You don’t believe me. Watch it from the horse’s mouth.

This is all the torture I could handle for this post. Rest, you are smart enough to not search for his rest of the videos and waste your life over watching him. You will be scarred for life if you still want to explore him. Nobody wants that. If you have something more important about him to share, please do in the comments below. Mohhh..Damn what am I doing.

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