How to choose a perfume that best suits your personality

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Recently I attended an event where I got to experience and learn a lot about styling and how to make yourself worth remembering and let your personality resonate in the mind of people you meet.

In order to do so, you must impress all five senses of the people you are networking with. In this post, I am covering the importance of a good fragrance and how to choose a perfume that best describes you.

Of course, you can resonate your personality in someone’s mind by smelling bad if you want to repel your audience in near future.

But if you want them to stay with you, smelling good becomes all the more important because that gives them another option to stay near you or stay there for a little longer.

The reason is, go to site you are making them feel good in some or the other way!

I am sharing a quick fix guide to select the fragrance that suit your taste and style. But before you can do that, you need to know different type of fragrances and understand them. Have a look at this quick video to know different type of fragrances.  
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Did you know that in India there are only 5 fragrances that are predominantly preferred.

1. Floral                2. Fruity
              3. Woody
4. Musky               5. Aqua

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The main ingredient of a perfume are the aromatic oils and alcohol. As Wikipedia states, perfumes were first made in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. In India though, perfumes came into existence during Indus civilization around 3300 BC.
mujer busca hombre bakersfield All this is fine but what is the business with Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfume and if there are other such fancy terms ?

billigare Sildenafil Citrate på apoteket Eau de Parfume: Perfumes with maximum strength of aromatic compounds. Say around 15% of total content.
source site Eau de Toilette: Perfumes with medium strength of aromatic compounds. Say around 10% of total content. follow link

Eau de Cologne: Perfumes with lowest strength of aromatic compounds. Say around 5% of total content.

Eau de Cologne are widely used perfumes buy etodolac online as they have mild concentrations and hence likened by many. Such perfumes usually have concentration of citrus oils like lemon, orange, grapefruit etc.

However, colognes are generally believed and marketed towards men.

Also, one more important thing that you want to know while purchasing your perfume is that it may have three different notes depending upon the oils used in the preparation.

buying viagra online from canada Top notes: Fragrance released right when the perfume is applied. Say Lavander
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Middle notes: Fragrance released right after the dissipation of  top notes. Say sandalwood

Base notes: Fragrance released after a little while of applying the perfume. It is what stays for a longer duration. Middle and base notes together form the main theme of the perfume. Base notes are said to be released after at least half an hour of the application. Say musk and tobacco.

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Summer season: Aqua is refreshing so go for those fragrances. You can also choose fruity.

Winter season: Something strong would give a bit of warm feeling like musky and woody.

Flamboyant personality: Need not dominate with fragrance as well and thus can go for mild perfumes.

However, its vice versa might not hold true as the other person can associate your specific character with that fragrance. Hence, depending upon the gathering you are attending you can choose what fragrance you’d want to wear.

For example, if you are going for networking in which you will be the active communicator, wear a little stronger fragrance while if you are one expecting others to come and talk to you, wear something subtle.

While talking about all these perfumes and some major classification of it. I recommend mild perfumes as they no matter what the occasion is, will never make you feel awkward. Having said that, your deodorant can have a strong fragrance depending upon the place you are visiting. (It is recommended to wear a strong deodorant in a gym or at your workout place).

Some of the recommendations can be Bvlgari Aqua, David off cool water, Lacoste, Hugo boss.

So, next time you visit a perfumery to buy that fragrance that suits your style, keep these things in mind and find the one that truly reflects your personality.

Let the other person remember you for a lifetime.

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