Anushka Sharma Meme Creator For Meme Makers (Sui Dhaga Movie Memes)

ShareÄ ‰Şĺ © Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan Starrer “Sui-Dhaga” is all set to release on 28th of September, but the memes of both the actors have already begun breaking the internet. Anushka sharma’s outlandish avatar has been especially talked and laughed about by the meme makers and social media addicts. BTW, did you check out these editable memes for Irrfan Khan meme creator.

go to site There are a few pictures which are already doing the rounds, but you can come up with a great many ideas , now that the inspiration is none other than Anushka Sharma , the glam-diva turned gaon-devi.

1. Anushka aka Mamta is sick and tired of slogging with the house chores whenever she is in the mood.

BC sasu ma ko kaise pata chal jata hai har baar? Taang adane me der nhi karti buddhi. anushka sharma meme creator

2. Something is lost expression.

O betta, charger ghar pe hi bhul gye, ab FB kaise chalega din bhar?”

citas por internet para la registraduria anushka sharma meme creator


Kya modi ne gas ke daam dhai rupya bada diya? Aj se shaam ki chai band. anushka sharma meme creator

4. Sometimes we feel these movie makers deliberately use such words or expressions to give us all the meme masala. BC fashion? I mean , this one doesn’t even need a meme professional to twist it comically.

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5. Gazar ka halwa banaya mene aur credit le gyi tumhari bahan.

anushka sharma meme creator

6. This one is the most popular meme so far. A sari-clad Sharma, making hilarious happy-sad face. Best one I have read so far is “Mom’s reaction when I cleared the 12th exam on fifth attempt”. There is a lot of expression going on there to give you great many ideas.

anushka sharma meme creator

7. A perfect image to weave a happy couple meme. “Meri cycle koi Valentino Rossi ki Ferrari se kam hai kya?”

anushka sharma meme creator

8. Poor Mamata’s life revolves around picking tulsi leaves for the morning tea.

anushka sharma meme creator

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9. “No, the one who’s crawling and barking is my servant, husband to bar counter pe hain.”

anushka sharma meme creator

10. “Roz-roz doggie hi bante ho, akhir variety bhi to koi cheez hoti hai.”

anushka sharma meme creator

11. Ek minute, kahin tum ye to nhi keh rhi ki main flush karna bhul gaya?

anushka sharma meme creator

12. The look on Mamata’s face says it all, “mera class bunk karake , ye bus ke uper date kar rha hai. Isse accha to Virat ko haan bol deti.”

anushka sharma meme creator

Now that we have given you enough masala, we can’t wait to see this turned into a hilarious masterpiece.

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